Financial market supervision

Legislation in financial market law (Anti-Money Laundering Act, FINMA Money Laundering Ordinance, Circulars on Subordination to the Anti-Money Laundering Act)

Regulation and supervision of self-regulatory organisations under the Anti-Money Laundering Act

On-site inspections of banks and self-regulatory organisations; audit activities

Conducting administrative and supervisory investigations and proceedings

Representation of MROS in international bodies (FATF/GAFI)

Writing specialised publications    

Advisory services

Advising financial intermediaries on regulatory issues

Broad expertise in financial market regulation, namely Switzerland and the EU

Implementation of FINIG and FIDLEG

Legal representation of parties in FINMA investigations

Legal representation in various applications for affiliation to self-regulatory organisations

Support for financial intermediaries under the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA specialist unit, training)

Various expert opinions on the AMLA, FIDLEG, FINIG

Multi-level advice and legal representation in corporate law matters and of a company specialising in corporate services

Long-standing advice in matters of immigration law (work and residence permits, settlement permits, naturalisation procedures)